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Voces Caelestium is looking for a short a cappella choir piece to perform in our Eighth Charity Concert.

Closing date: EXTENDED to 1 May, 2022

Requirements: The piece must be by a living composer. The composer must submit the piece on their own behalf (submissions of other people's music are not accepted). The piece may have been performed previously.

There is no cost to submit.

Duration: Short-moderate. There is no strict requirement, but 5-8 minutes is a rough guide.

Instrumentation: SATB; must be a cappella. Passages for solo singers may be incorporated.

Difficulty: Should be of moderate difficulty

(our choir does not have experience using extended vocal techniques, however simple extended techniques that can be easily learnt may be incorporated).


Interested composers should complete the form below, which includes a score submission and the opportunity to submit a recording, if possible*. The works will be judged anonymously, so all identifying material must be removed from the score. The chosen composition will be performed by the Voces Caelestium Choir in Voces Caelestium's Eighth Charity Concert in Feb/March 2022. The chosen composer will receive two complimentary tickets.

Please fill out the form:

Concert date: POSTPONED to mid-2022 (TBC).
Venue: The Concourse, Chatswood (subject to change).
COVID plan - should the COVID pandemic prevent this concert from proceeding, the chosen score will be retained for performance at our next concert. 

If you cannot fill out the google form for any reason, please send through your (anonymous) score and recording, along with duration and optional description, to

*The Voces Caelestium selection committee is aware of the severe limitations of computerised recordings, and the work will not be judged based on the quality of the recording. Works will be played through, if necessary and as far as possible, on a real piano as part of the selection process.

For a sample of our previous performances, please see the below video and more on our YouTube channel: 

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